Rejuvenate You Event:
Raise Money to Fight Crohn's and Colitis
July 31, 2021

Mother’s Day Promotion!

Dr. Paula Jones of Rejuvenate You smiling beside her smiling mother and promoting a Crohn's Benefit event.

Join us at the end of July to kick back for a great cause! For one day only, our popular PowerUp IV therapy sessions will be just $149 AND include your choice of a FREE oxygen therapy or massage chair session. This PowerUp infusion is PHENOMENAL for those with autoimmune disorders because it lets our bodies easily absorb the nutrients they so desperately need.

Want to support the cause but not sure you need this Crohn's disease infusion of vital nutrients? No problem! Massage chair & oxygen therapy sessions will be just $10 for 30 min. during the benefit.

A man and a young girl getting Crohn's disease infusion IV therapy.
Getting a Crohn's disease infusion of nutrients with grandpa!
A smiling man with a sleeve tattoo is getting a Crohn's disease infusion of IV nutrients.
A client with Crohn's gets an energizing IV infusion before going to coach his son's baseball team.

Proceeds will benefit the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

  • Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021
  • Time: Noon - 6 P.M.
  • Location: 5960 Venture Dr. Suite A, Dublin, Ohio, 43017

Don't miss out!

July 26, 2021
2:25pm Atlantic Time

“When I walk into Rejuvenate You it just feels very welcoming, very comfy, very cozy… Dr. Paula is always inspiring, happy, positive… she just wants the best for everyone. She always wants to help people and make them feel their best.”
— Amy W.

“(Dr. Paula) wants to veer away from the plastic cosmetics and do more of a natural, integrative medicine. And that’s what she’s got going on here... It’s got a good, warm, hospitable, welcoming feeling... You just like to be here."
— Kristin B.

Dr. Paula Jones

Dr. Paula Jones, DO has spent 25 years on the frontline of emergency room medicine. Her commitment to supporting wellness and preventing disease versus merely treating it inspired Paula to open Rejuvenate You. The center is Dublin's premier physician-led MediSpa with services that support proper supplementation and bodily restoration.

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